Thursday, 24 September 2015


In keeping with its commitment of achieving a goal of 70 per cent diversion from landfill, the City of Toronto is launching a new communication campaign directed towards residents living in condominiums & apartments.

With half of Toronto's residents living in multi-residential buildings, they believe it is important to provide information to us about properly sorting our recycling and organic materials from garbage. The new campaign will specifically ask residents to participate in their building's Green Bin organics program. Every building unit will receive a copy of direct mail piece with the message "Use your Green Bin".
CAPREIT and PVTA encourage  each resident of Park Vista to   participate  in the Green Bin organic program.Not only will this help divert materials from landfill, it can also ultimately help decrease the solid waste fees for  each of our respective  buildings.

Free kitchen catchers or in-unit organics containers are an important tool to encourage participation in the program. All buildings on City collection service are provided with one in-unit container per unit at the start of the program and can request free replacements (up to 10% of the building's total number of units) each calendar year.

As a City collection customer, don't forget to take advantage of all the waste diversion programs the City has to offer, such as: electronics recycling, household hazardous waste collection, the 3Rs

Ambassador Volunteer program and free education materials. Additional information is available on the website, there is no additional charge for any of these programs.

Toronto Recycling Program

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If you require more information about the Green Bin program or about any of the services the City provides, or if you need an additional supply of kitchen catchers, please contact 416-392-5200.