Sunday, 24 April 2016

Volunteers Spring into Action to Clean Up Park Vista

A determined group of more than 20 Park Vista volunteers offered up their time, energy and muscle power to collect litter and debris around our buildings and on the banks of Taylor Creek Park for the April 23 Community Cleanup.

Our neighbourhood is now more tidy, beautiful and welcoming because of their efforts. Councillor Janet Davis dropped by to thank volunteers and handed out City of Toronto pins as a token of appreciation. She also gave the group a shoutout on Twitter. 

A big thanks to the following waste warriors:

Carole & Paul Ward; Grace & Paul St. John; Edyta & Bogdan Bil; Toby; Roy Routledge; Susan Wilson; Susan Phillips; Maureen Ballentine & Kevin Carey; Elly Baptie; Jenny Link & Zeus; Audrey Mathews; Carol Brown; James McArthur; Maureen Read; Colleen LeBlanc; Larry Gillespie; Patricia Steward & Gordon Cherry; Maverick and Hayley.

Thanks also go to Pat Miller of CAPREIT for agreeing to provide supplies and refreshments, John Kerr for spending much of his Saturday coordinating the supplies, offering up coffee and getting equipment back in its place and Jessica Falcon for helping with the set up. 

In a separate cleanup, about 100 area community volunteers gathered in Taylor Creek Park to clean up areas of the park farther away from Park Vista. 

Below are some photos from the Park Vista event. 

Councillor Janet Davis gives a shout out on Twitter to the clean up crew.
Paul Ward, Paul St. John, Roy Routledge, Susan Wilson, Grace St. John and Carole Ward pose with bags of stray litter plucked from the area around 2 Park Vista.

Grace St. John goes out on a limb to get to litter.
Edyta poses with one of the many bags of trash.
Carole Ward stays stylish despite the messy task.