Thursday, 16 July 2015

Fire, Health and Safety Alert


Capreit posted a reminder for ALL Park Vista residents about the use of charcoal barbecues and as well this reminder is posted here in case you may have missed it.

Please be advised that the City of Toronto's Health Inspector has indicated that charcoal barbecues are strictly prohibited and may only be operated no less than 8 meters (25 feet) away  from any home. Charcoal barbecues are HIGHLY TOXIC and are not permitted on balconies of multi residential apartment buildings.

Any resident using a charcoal barbecue may be fined by the City of Toronto's Health Inspector and Fire Department. 

Should you own a charcoal barbecue please remove it from the property immediately. In addition, if you are aware of anyone using a charcoal BBQ please notify the Capreit Management Office or advise your Resident Manager, ASAP, your full cooperation is greatly appreciated,