Friday, 14 August 2015


Follow up to the last blog on our General Summer Meeting, was a huge success! We plan to repeat this on October 20, 2015, Janet Davis,Councillor Ward 31, will once again be our honored guest as will Arthur Potts, MPP Beaches-East York who is confirmed as our esteemed guest speaker. Save the date and hope to see all of you there asking important questions and being informed.

Ticket # 375823, Marilyn, 7 Park Vista
We collected a total of $104.00 and the winnings were $52.00. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in our draw. The proceeds will go towards the administration costs of the PVTA, the Board Members work solely on a voluntary basis without any compensation, so these funds do go a long way in helping us do what is needed for the Association. Congratulations to our lucky winner!

Some photos taken at the Summer General Meeting

A group of very dedicated, hard working lovely ladies, from left to right, Carole Ward, PVTA Board Member, Secretary/Treasurer, 2 Park Vista (and our very own community AVON lady) Deidre Huggins, Volunteer Extraordinaire, PVTA Member, 8 Park Vista and Grace St. John, PVTA Board Member, Building Director, 2 Park Vista

Janet Davis, our first guest speaker 

John Plumadore, FMTA Chair, our second guest speaker 

John, presenting the FMTA 'Welcome Home' Booklet to PVTA

John Plumadore (yellow shirt) FMTA Chair, one of our guest speakers,
 in our audience in the blue shirt 3rd from the left is our 
PVTA Board Member, James McArthur, General Director, 7 Park Vista

  engaged in discussion to the concerns of our community

The one & only Janet Davis, Councillor Ward 31, Beaches-East York, helping us out!

Janet Davis, Councillor Ward 31 and Colleen LeBlanc PVTA Member, 6 Park Vista

Helen Chilas (left) FMTA Director & Chair of 1501 Woodbine Ave Tenants' Association
 alongside another FMTA Associate Pam (among our audience)

Maria Hellemann, 6 Park Vista Resident/PVTA Member

Maryanna Lewyckyj (PVTA Building Director, 6 Park Vista) 
and PVTA Member Larry Gillespie, 6 Park Vista

(from right to left) Janet Davis (Councillor Ward 31), Maryanna Lewyckyj (PVTA Building Director, 6 Park Vista) John Plumadore (FMTA Chair), Helen Chilas (FMTA Director), 
Grace St. John (PVTA Building Director, 2 Park Vista) 

Beautiful and deeeeelicious PVTA Cake

A very special thanks to Patricia Steward, PVTA Board Member, General Director, 6 Park Vista for the great photos and doing an excellent job as our photographer!

Once again, from PVTA Board and its Members, heartfelt thank you to each of you for your wonderful support and in making this a success!