Tuesday, 11 August 2015


Notice posted in common areas in all buildings was dated July 28, 2015

CAPREIT announced that in their continuing efforts to maintain a high standard of apartment living and provide our tenancy with a safe and secure living environment, CAPREIT has scheduled carport restoration repairs. The first of the carport projects is expected to commence towards the first week of August. for the 1st phase of the concrete repairs, the work is anticipated to take 1 to 2 weeks for each car port, barring any unforeseen delays. 
Note: Labour, supply, weather issues etc will be contributing factors to any delay and that the anticipated end date for repairs is subject to change as a result.

CAPREIT will commence with 2 Park Vista, east carport, week of August 4, 2015. As the project progresses, residents in the affected buildings will be notified when construction will commence in their building. Residents that must have their cars relocated will be notified 48 hours in advance. To minimize inconvenience, only 1 carport at a time will be under construction, with the possibility of minimal overlap if necessary.

There maybe some disruption and inconvenience to the residents in the form of noise, dust and contractors in and around the apartment complex but the Management/Operations Teams will do their best to try and keep these disruptions to a minimum and Capreit thanks everyone in advance for their patience and understanding in this regard.

Please note that all building codes, by-laws and legislation with respect to these repairs will be followed to ensure your safety and protection while minimizing interference with your reasonable enjoyment of your rental unit.

Should there be any change to the nature of the work, Capreit will notfiy if such determinations have been made.

Any questions or concerns pertaining to these repairs, please do not hesitate to contact the site management office at 416-750-4228 or email Pat Miller at p.miller@capreit.net at your convenience. Or please connect with your PVTA Building Director - Grace St. John @ #2, Maryanna Lewyckyj @ #6, Audrey Mathews @ #7 and Ken Huggins @ #8, email address: parkvista.tenantsassociation@gmail.com

A heartfelt thank you to Pat and her Team in getting this job done and in getting this issue well on its way to resolution, particularly given the number of concerns echoed to the safety of our car ports.

Thank you,